Winter hair cuts

After seeing the Winter Hair Color Fashion , we discover the winter hair cuts.

This  winter will be the period of “practical” cuts . Between short, medium and long hair   the cuts were designed for the woman of today who is always on the move and does not have time to stand in front of the mirror to style her hair. Super chic but functionalthese cuts will satisfy all your needs.

Do you want to be fashionable for the new year? Here are the most popular winter hair cuts:

Long Pixie :

THE SHORT BUT NOT TOO MUCH! An ideal cut for those who love lengths but want to maintain the practicality of a short and feminine styling. It can be worn with bangs, with a side tuft or with a central line.

Short Bob:

SUPER IMPORTANCE TO THE BUBBLE! It is a shorter version of the “Bob” cut that leaves the neck uncovered and completely covers the forehead with a maxi tuft XXL version to be worn with a lateral line. To be combed smooth or disheveled.


SPECTINATE IS BEAUTIFUL !! Longer than the bob but short almost up to the chin, more natural and wild. A cut with wavy and untidy lengths to wear strictly with a fringe.

Long Bob:

SHORTS NO, LONG NO !! A cut that comes a little below the shoulders for the eternal undecided whether to cut or not. Important scaling especially for the tuft. For a refined style and enhanced by contrasts of colors between roots and tips it is the most desired cut for those with wavy or curly hair.

Long Glam:

VOLUME, MORE VOLUME !! Off to fluffy and very soft hair. The cut is linear (equal front and back lengths), worn with wavy and wavy hair for an orderly, sober and classy style.

Long Wild:

AS JUST WAKE UP !! A cut scaled and enhanced by a fringe. A great SI to natural and disheveled hair.

The undisputed protagonist, as you will have seen, is the  fringe , to be combined with medium, short and long cuts. Choose your cut based on your face and your tastes and for the new year you will have a unique and fashionable style.

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