Winter hair color fashion

Today I will give you some ” tips ” on the winter hair color fashion . A little inspiration for you passionate about hair color, always in style and in step with the current trend, from the most classic color to the most garish one.

This winter the hair colors will be bright and super fashionable: Chocolate Mauve, Broux, Ice Blonde and Rose Gold . For those people who love to color their hair and are always looking for a new trend and a new color to try, this article will make you put, in the true sense of the word, the “hands in your hair”. Let’s discover together, for every type of taste, face and complexion, the winter hair color fashion 2016-2017.

For brown hair lovers:  CHOCOLATE MAUVE

The Chocolate Mauve color is the winter 2016-2017 hair color fashion for blackberries, we say that it is an alternative for women with dark or olive complexion, with dark eyes and hair. brown with mauve shades. Impossible not to be hypnotized by this delicate and almost metallic color. A shiny brown with mauve and pink reflections. It’s a very original color because it gives brightness to the hair as well as being fashionable chic.

For red hair lovers: BROUX

The 2016-2017 winter hair color fashion will be invaded by the Broux color; or a mixture of brown and copper color. A bright and warm color that will envelop us in the shades of red and copper to keep us warm throughout the icy winter that awaits us. For blond hair lovers: ICE BLONDEIce blonde , ash and platinum are the coolest shades in vogue according to the 2016-2017 winter hair color fashion. A perfect shade for those with eyes and fair skin. We abandon the classic blond or golden color, giving space to glacial and oxygenated colors.

For colored hair lovers: ROSE GOLD

The 2016-2017 winter hair color trend is tinged with Rose Gold or Strawberry Blond; A perfect color for women with white skin and light eyes, who want to obtain particular nuances with a “doll” effect. A pastel and bright, fairytale pink gold, despite being a very particular color to show off, is a blond with pink shades for a romantic and ethereal effect.

Find your favorite color among the winter hair color fashion for 2016-2017 and have fun, try and show off your look.

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