The magic power of the FRANGIA!

The so-called “FRANGIA” is a tuft of hair that cut with different techniques, has the ability to change the appearance of our face. “LA FRANGIA” is able to hide the “defects” of our faceor enhance its qualities. In reality with this article I will show you how the fringe is able to transform our defects into real qualities!

Commonly the fringe is imagined only full and long, forgetting instead that there are various types and customizable according to your face.

THREE are the fundamental considerations to find the PERFECT FRINGE for your face:

1 typology of FRONT:

Generally the basic rule provides that a very spacious forehead prefers a medium / long fringe or a full tuft, while a slightly spacious forehead prefers a more casual and frayed tuft.

2 NASO typology:

Aquilino, small, fine or narrow, is perhaps the biggest dilemma for ourselves: either we love it or we hate it. The fringe therefore has the power to enhance it or to camouflage it. A full fringe underlines the look and an important nose as well as a cheeky and centrally open fringe. A tuft instead frames the face and conforms to the other lengths of the foliage.

3 typology FACE FORM: There are several types and they are divided into 5 macro groups which I will now illustrate.

After evaluating your forehead and nose to have a # perfect # fringe we must evaluate the shape of our face.

The celebrities in this case teach!

FACE OVAL : it is the so-called “perfect shape”, on this type of face in fact everything is fine. Proof of this is the famous singer Rihanna, who never fails with her head shots. Green light then with tufts, long, short or cheeky fringes

FACE SQUARE: this type of face is characterized by angular features, therefore needing to be softened. Council then side tuft or fringe with scaling and soft folds.

ROUND FACE: this shape with soft and sinuous features needs to be shrunk through tufts, fringes and pull-outs from under the chin. The folds that best enhance a round face are smooth or slightly wavy.

LONG FACE: this face is generally narrow and elongated. It therefore needs to be shortened through fringes, cheeky fringes and wrapped tufts.

HEART FACE: this last group, with a more particular shape, needs different stratagems to be enhanced: a narrow and cheeky fringe with a pull-out starting from the zìgomi is ideal. Go ahead with flat folds and tufts that rest and adhere to the forehead, becoming lighter from the cheekbones down

All the women, even the beautiful ones in this article, are looking for the perfect # fringe, thanks to their thousand looks we can find our perfect fringe.

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