Moon and hair growth: truth or myth?

Does the Moon really affect hair growth? Does hair grow faster if we cut it during the waxing moon?

How many questions and how many myths related to this belief that the Moon has some power over us. Let’s find out if, all these “rumors” about Moon and hair growth, are true or false.

After the first step on its surface, after many observations and studies, the Moon continues to arouse fascination and interest, but also many doubts and questions.

The most common are:

  • the connection between earthquakes and lunar activity.
  • sowing in crops or pruning plants during the Moon cycle.
  • biological or pathological changes in humans during certain phases of the moon.

The topic that interests us today is related (according to some legends) to the Moon and hair growth. These claim that during the activity of the crescent Moon, if they cut their hair, they grow faster , healthier and stronger. On the basis of this conviction, it is worthwhile to make some clarity.

In the previous article by Eleonora:  CHANGE OF SEASON: TRUTH AND LIES ON THE HAIR LOSS , we have seen that the hair has its life cycle, its process of growth and fall. Therefore also the Moon has its own path that is divided into 4 phases: new Moon, crescent Moon, full Moon and waning Moon . According to legend, it is precisely these phases that show us the best times to take care of our hair from cut to color.


The legend, as you all know, prohibits cutting hair during the waning moon phase (unless you want to keep the cut as much as possible) because the hair grows more slowly . He advises those who love long hair to cut their hair during the crescent phase , so that their hair grows faster and healthier.


Even in the case of hair color, it is recommended to make the color when the Moon is in its growing phase. By doing so, you can get more color intensity and duration . It is also said that during washing, the color discharges less and consequently lasts longer.

This myth is also closely linked among doctors in maternity wards. There is a belief that there is a connection between childbirth and the full moon, but without any clear proof that this is true. If we want to believe that the Moon has influence on childbirth, then it makes sense to also think that there is a link between the Moon and hair.

However, there is no evidence to help validate these theories, much less the connection between the Moon and hair growth, indeed, the few scientific investigations that have been done deny them. It is probably a popular superstition that, over the years, links a magical and symbolic meaning to the Moon, which has always aroused curiosity, fascination and wonder.

Let’s debunk other myths:  Can we wash our hair every day?

Yet often logic has no power over popular beliefs, which reassure us and keep us tied to our origins.

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