How to cover white hair without doing the dye?

Read more at How many of you struggle against regrowing white hair? How many of you go to the hairdresser even twice a month to cover white hair?

And let’s face it … in addition to being expensive for our pockets the regrowth of white hair never looks good.

Color WOW will be the secret weapon in your handbag that you can no longer do without.

  • Do you have an important evening and haven’t had time to go to the hairdresser to cover the regrowth of white hair?
  • Don’t you want to spend too much money going to the hairdresser every month to make the color and cover the regrowth?
  • Do you want to cover white hair without doing the dye?

The solution is called COLOR WOW , a powder eye shadow composed of mineral salts and pigments that stick to the hair in an electrostatic way; this powder has the function of covering the regrowth of white hair in a few simple steps. Color WOW has 7 types of palettes in different shades: Platinum, Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Red.

Inside there is a mirror to allow you to settle wherever you are and a small brush with a double head; one for applications requiring more precision (meches), the other thicker for wider touch-ups (base or crown) and finally dust.

It is an eye shadow that will allow you to always be in order, covers the regrowth of white hair, masks the regrowth of streaks, enlivens and brightens hair, does not stain, is not oily and does not dry hair.

The powder is water resistant, so you can use it at the sea, in the pool, in the gym and even to do the sauna; its covering effect only fades with the detergent action of the shampoo to guarantee total coverage and permanence even under a downpour. It can also be used as an eye shadow for the eyes or to define the eyebrows. Quick, easy to apply, save time, money and you won’t have the problem of regrowing white hair.

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