Hair equipment over time

We saw in the previous article how the history of hair has always been present in human life and how it has changed over time. Today we will look over time and discover the evolution of hair equipment, from hot air brush, to the first permanent machines up to the first phon put on the market.


At the beginning of the 20th century women’s hair was long and wavy and these effects were created with an iron that was designed by Marcel Grateau, a French hairdresser who, with the use of a heated pincer, used to curl long hair only and exclusively. He was inspired by looking at his mother’s beautiful natural hair and decided to invent an iron that imitated his waves. He thought of how to change the hair curler based on the thickness of the hair and the curl he wanted to get.


The first permanent corrugation system was invented by the hairdresser Karl Nessler in 1905 in reality Karl Ludwing Nessler was born in Germany and since he was a child he had the dream of giving women a long curly hair.

He created a system of bronze curlers, with the help of an alkaline chemical treatment that went on to modify the structure of the hair that was subsequently heated electrically. These “curlers” hung from above and the hair was rolled up and kept in place for 5 to 6 hours. Each curler weighed 3/4 ounces and heated up so much that it often ended up burning hair, causing the loss of abundant locks.


The first patent for the hair dryer was in 1911.  The French designer Alexandre Ferdinand Godefroy designed a very heavy and bulky hair-drying helmet that produced hot air (slightly more than that of the environment). It consisted of a seat where customers sat and a hood connected to a gas stove.

In the early 1950s the hair dryers were large plastic headphones connected to a machine where hot air was coming out, while the first portable hair dryers were very heavy and were made of zinc and steel and did not exceed 100 watts. So consequently, besides being a very thinking object, it took a long time to dry the hair because the power of the hot air was minimal.

Thanks to industrial development, hair styling equipment has improved year by year up to the present day. New prototypes and hair products are still moving in the field of technology.

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