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Hi everyone, my name is Claudia and I like to change and see myself in different ways. I was a little tired of the usual traditional look, I wanted something new in a color … I just wasn’t ready for a definitive color with bright colors, I didn’t know how to do it and … WOW was love at first sight: I discovered¬† Kevin Murphy’s COLOR.BUG , eye shadows for hair ideal for special evenings or for the halloween party!

And as you can see from the photo I gave vent to all my desire for color, in fact I tried 4 different colors: purple, pink, orange and finally neon.

Hair Color Eyeshadows are applied to dry hair … they are like a powder eye shadow, only applied to hair. To start I put disposable latex gloves, as for eyeshadows the color remains on the fingers if you use them, only here the effect is multiplied since you use your fingers to dab the color bug at the lock of hair; I put on the locks that I wanted to color, a spray of Kevin, a kind of primer, ANTI.GRAVITYSPRAY but if you have a hairspray that just dampens the hair a little bit, it’s all the same; then I buffered the color bug on the lock that I wanted to color, the excess dust eliminated by shaking the lock and finally I fixed it all with a second coat of spray, this time, more dry.

A piece of advice if you are already dressed to go out put a towel on your shoulders to prevent the dust from settling on your clothes at first, I didn’t put it on but I leaned slightly over the sink in my bathroom.

The chestnuts like me to get a very bright color must make some more passages than the blondes and if you are very creative mix the colors, make a passage of pink and then purple on the same lock, your purple will be electric. Being dust the color bugs could give on a hair like mine a slightly opaque effect also seen the use of the spray, to revive the colored locks and at the same time to structure them put a semi-glossy wax on the lock, I recommend this STICKY.BUSINESS but you can also use a hair wax that you have at home.

Since the color of the color bugs had taken me well I used it as a finishing touch on my eyelids for a bit rock makeup, kevin Murphy has a collection of products that do not use parabens (chemicals) so a little dust on the eyes has completed the styling !! How about let me know!

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