Glitter Roots: the new fashion that covers hair regrowth

GLITTER ROOTS … A cascade of sparkling glitter is the new fashion of the moment, not only for its luminous effect and almost fairy-like appearance but also functional to cover  hair regrowth or for theme nights and why not … now that is approaching Halloween night, to show off a new and glamorous look.

When we talk about current trends, we often talk about eccentric and bizarre things that are very popular on the web and make them talk a lot about them. Like the fashion of colored hair, which, using special techniques, as in the case of “Rainbow Hair” or “Mermicorn Hair” (pastel-colored hair or mermaid hair or unicorn) make the hair color  and very special final result .

The latest trend that pops up on social media, especially on Instagram, is called  Glitter Roots.

The main ingredients are glitter, which, in addition to making the  look glamorous and sparkling , masks hair regrowth , in fact, the detachment of color is camouflaged by glitter and your hair is extremely bright.

Glitter is no longer used only for make-up or nail art, today it is  applied directly to the hair root to create a light effect and fashion coverage. A very particular and colorful fashion, to flaunt at parties with friends, in disco evenings, for New Year’s Eve or for carnival and Halloween.

How to create Glitter Roots ?

With dry hair, with a comb, create a side or central line according to your taste and your hairstyle. Glitter can also be applied to loose hair, braids or a simple tail. For a long duration, mix in a bowl a light and transparent hair gel and a glitter powder of the color of your choice (can also be mixed together or applied later also molds such as stars, dots or hearts according to event in which you will participate). Mix well and spread the glitter cream with a brush on the root as if it were a hair dye.

You can create various looks and indulge in colors, glitter and accessories. Here are some ideas.

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